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Campus Life Student Brand Managers are passionate leaders who have the opportunity to interact with many of their peers and show them why ASUS technology has made their college lives easier, simpler, and better.

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What's Happening on Campus

February 3, 2014 - This year at CES, Jaymon Hung, our Student Brand Manager from the University of Toronto joined us for the ASUS press event and more. Here was his take on his experience:

Allow me to put it out there from the beginning that this is my first CES Event and my first time in Vegas as well; it is only natural for me to be amazed. However, I will not discount my experience at all. The 3 days I was at CES were eye-opening, memorable, and will be the highlight of my tenure with ASUS through the SBM (Student Brand Manager) CampusLife program. My only regret is not having the opportunity to stay a few extra days and slowly enjoy everything that was available.

The bulk of my first day featuring the ASUS press event held at Caesar’s Palace. Needless to say, the venue was gorgeous. I have watched press events from CES in the past, but to be there live was a whole new ball game. ASUS Chairman, Jonney Shih, was an inspirational speaker as he highlighted and featured the direction of ASUS for the coming years (spoiler alert, mobility). As a business student, you can only dream of the opportunity to deliver the message that Jonney had done, and to have the chance to watch him do it live was amazing.


The products that stood out to me the most were:

  • Zenfone
  • ASUS Transformer Book
  • ZenUI

The price points of the Zenfone line made it impossible not to fall in love right away. Starting at $99, this phone packs a punch and can compete with the current market options that were 4-5X costlier. Next was the Transformer Book TD300. The idea of a quad-mode computer/tablet, with dual-OS options is the savior to all students. Having to decide if you wanted function or mobility was always a tough choice; but the TD300 was the perfect solution. Combining power and options, I was definitely looking forward to this. Finally was the new interface that ASUS was launching, the ZenUI. I am not an app type person; in fact, I’m quite simple when it comes to my phone. Having something that can organize my calendar, my messages, and understand what I like to do/know and when is a match made in heaven for me.

During the press event, I had the privilege of shooting promotional videos; it is tougher than it looks! But, I am proud and happy to say that I did a great job. With all the technical wizards and marketing team helping me out and rooting for me, the filming became easier and easier as it went along. Tell me how I did (insert link here)!

Personal Time

My down time featured a lot of walking around and sightseeing. Home to some of the best architecture, Vegas hotels were really a sight to see. Walking down the strip, I was mesmerized by the flashing lights, music and constant opportunities to explore.


When I stepped into the Las Vegas Convention Centre, my jaw just dropped. Never had I ever seen such a large view for an event. For those Canadian readers, this centre is comparable to Canada’s Wonderland, maybe even bigger!

Walking through the event, it was overwhelming to see all the new technology that companies were featuring. Whether it was curved TVs, hand technology, or 3D printing, the event did not disappoint. I felt like I was taking a picture every 3 seconds because of all the products and demos that were happening.

My personal favourite had to be cars and the gaming sections. Experiencing what 2014 gaming was going to offer got me excited to come home and wait for the release of these products and technology. Like I mentioned above, I only wish I had more time to spend at each and every booth available.


I want to personally thank Khang from CampusLife for this opportunity and urge all college and university students to join this program. There are a ton of great events like CES and you can be a part of it!

- Jaymon

Product Spotlight
Transformer Book T100

The Transformer Book T100 is an affordable 2-in-1 notebook and tablet squeezed into a extremely small form factor. It weighs just over 2lbs, and with a 10.1" IPS touch screen, dual stereo speakers, Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 pre-installed, this is a device that students can really take advantage of. Stay productive all day with up to 11 hours of battery life. And, with the power of Intel's Baytrail processor, multitasking will not be an issue.

As a notebook, you'll have access to all your office applications and be productive for school, but as a tablet, you've got a ton of entertainment at your hands. Starting at $349 for the 32GB model, it's a really affordable device that won't break your budget. So save that extra cash because your life as a student is going to be better, easier, and more fun with the ASUS Transformer Book T100!

Learn more about the Transformer Book T100

Student Spotlight
Anthony Geyer

Anthony Geyer - Junior Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue University

Anthony was thrilled to be back for a second year with the Campus life program. He is the Design Director for Purdue Solar Racing, where they have just started on the design of their tenth car Renatus. He is also working on undergraduate research in jet propulsion, building upon the technology of the GEnx engines. Also Anthony is on a team of undergraduate and graduate students designing a hybrid aircraft for law enforcement applications, capable of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor flight.

On the Campus Life progam:

"The Campus Life program has given me the opportunity to do something I love. It's not just about the latest and greatest technology, but being a Student Brand Manager gives me the chance to meet students and be part of my campus in a way I otherwise couldn't."

- Anthony