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Be the best with the best

ASUS monitors time and again are the preferred brand of choice for major gaming events and gamers around the world. Their reputation of superior response times and visual clarity stretches across the many different monitor series to give your game of any genre the realism and performance you desire.

ASUS is the Official Monitor of TSM and CLOUD9

Supporting the community

To give back to the fans who give to us and continue the growth of eSports, ASUS sponsors many gaming events across the world. In the US, ASUS has had presence at events like BlizzCon, PAX, and has hosted countless events centered around bringing you the latest games and products.

Team Sponsorships

Two of the top League of Legends teams in North America, Cloud 9 and Team Solomid, both use ASUS monitors exclusively for their streaming and training. ASUS monitors were last final piece of Team Solomid’s practice room that simulates a real tournament environment. ASUS also sponsors streamers like StarCraft II’s desRow.

The ASUS monitor [VG248QE] I have is one of the best I’ve ever had, it's high quality and easily adjustable which is the most important thing for me.

- Hai - Mid Laner for Cloud 9

Hai from Cloud 9

Winning Performance

ASUS monitors boast the performance needed for precise, smooth motion playback in fighting games, first person shooters, MOBA games, and more. They offer low input lag, high refresh rates, and low response times to deliver the top-tier gaming performance you need to take on the top-tier games.

For players focused more on the visual definition, ASUS IPS monitors come in resolutions up to WQHD resolution to bring MMORPGS and other games to life up to 4K resolution.

ASUS monitors make connecting multiple devices to one monitor easy with configurations that not only offer the latest in connectivity like DisplayPort but also include multiple of the same ports like dual HDMI making playing games on different consoles easier.


The Official Monitor of Cloud 9 & Team Solomid



High Performance Gaming

  • 24” Full HD LED 144Hz display
  • 1ms response time
  • Full height, swivel, tilt adjustments
  • 3D gaming ready1

All specifications are subject to change without notice and features are only in select models. Products may not be available in all markets. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. 1. 3D gaming kit sold separately. 3D capability varies based on system and game configurations.