Far surpassing the basic Windows® Ready requirements, ASUS motherboards deliver the fullest Windows 8 experience thanks to a host of features selected with the end user in mind.


Dedicated motherboard button boots directly into BIOS for quick, convenient access to settings


ASUS Boot Setting

Intuitive software interface to easily reboot
into BIOS and control other boot settings

Fast Boot

Drastically reduces boot time to as low
as 2 seconds


Enhanced UEFI BIOS

Graphical BIOS that is robust, yet user-friendly
and meets Windows 8 security requirements

Expanding on Windows® 8 readiness is an array of ASUS features, available on ASUS R2.0 and other latest chipset motherboards that deliver high performance, solid reliability and intuitive control.


Digital voltage regulation maximizes stability, especially when overclocking


Network iControl

Intuitively prioritize network traffic to get the most from your bandwidth

Lucid VirtuMVP

Combine the processing power of your iGPU and your discrete GPU for the best gaming performance**