• Express Gate lets you access the Internet, VOIP, email, instant messaging, digital music and more within seconds of booting up.

• Eee Box has a tiny footprint, and can be mounted on the back of a monitor to save space.

• The new Intel® Atom™ processor dramatically reduces system power.

• Eee Box runs on only 20W of power, saving energy and shrinking your electric bill. 

• Eee Box operates at a whisper quiet 26dB. 

• Use the Eee Box as a home entertainment gateway, to stream music, share pictures, videos and view Internet TV. 

• Office applications such as Star Office™ and Microsoft Works™ combine with Eee Box’s many other advantages to make an ideal solution for work.

• Fast WiFi (802.11n) or gigabit LAN means faster Internet access and download time.



MSRP: $349
* Mouse and keyboard included. Monitor not included.

Media Buzz:

“After a few days of living with the new Asus Eee Box, I can recommend this inexpensive PC. It's small on the outside and a mini-powerhouse (with a big twist) on the inside” – The

“We can't help but be impressed what Asus has achieved and the overall value of the Eee Box – highly recommended” –

“The unit’s sleek styling and touch sensor power button give it a futuristic look” – CBS 4 

“The rapid product rollouts signal Asus' confidence in the 10-month-old Eee brand, whose three Es stand for "easy to work, easy to learn, easy to play." – Forbes

“Less-Is-More Notebook Makes Its Bid for a Little Space on the Desktop” – New York Times

“The Eee Box is a great value that's geared toward students, as well as home and small-office users.” – PC World

“For $350, this is a good Web-surfing PC with some Windows capabilities. And, best of all in these energy-conscious times, it's super-efficient.” – PC Magazine

“...amazingly small for a full PC — the size of a softcover book” – Seattle Times