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Driving Power
With U47 series now featuring the 3rd generation Intel® Core i5-3210M processor with Ivy Bridge technology, everything from business multitasking to premium multimedia entertainment runs faster and smoother, aided by discrete NVIDIA® GT 620M graphics with 1GB video memory. Combined, these power features turn the U47VC-DS51 into a versatile and capable notebook that can easily handle productivity, leisure, and even gaming. Intel® WiDi support allows for the easy streaming of content from the notebook to a large screen HDTV, and ASUS has added exclusive USB Charger+ to enable quick recharging of all your USB-based mobile devices, even with the U47VC-DS51 powered off.

Empowering Productivity
While offering superior multimedia, the U47 series was also designed with extensive business and professional use in mind, and is thus a smooth multitasker. The screen is especially important, using anti-glare materials for better viewing and fingerprint resistance to keep it neat and clear. The touchpad has been enhanced with more intuitive gesture input, and for a full day’s work, the battery can readily last up to 8 hours, so you don’t need to interrupt your productivity with hassle-some recharging sessions.1

Elegant Aesthetics
The great power of the U47 series is matched by its looks, which center on an ultra-thin profile less than 1” thick. By using aluminum, engineers have been able to achieve a light notebook that weighs less than 4.5lbs, while retaining extreme durability for those who are always on the move. This strength extends to the screen, which uses reinforced glass to resist pressure and damage: also ideal for travelers. Adding an artistic touch, the aluminum cover presents a finely-etched brushed hairline finish, while the keyboard uses a seamless one-piece design for an improved tactile experience that is also more precise and reliable. Further meticulous engineering has resulted in a very thin bezel (or margin) around the 14” screen, allowing it to fit in a chassis smaller than many 13”-paneled notebooks.