Open Platform Newsletter Jun, 2011
The new AMD “Bulldozer-ready” motherboards
-- AMD’s long-awaited 990FX chipset is finally here --
Now available are ASUS’ launching 9-series motherboards, the Sabertooth TUF 990FX, and the Crosshair V Formula. Based on ASUS’ award-winning TUF series, the Sabertooth TUF 990FX has set the standard for high performance motherboards hardened with tough, durable design. On the other hand, the Crosshair V Formula is a fully-featured Republic of Gamers-branded motherboard, with a full suite of features to please even the most jaded PC enthusiasts.

3-way NVIDIA® SLI™ on an AMD motherboard
AMD 9-series chipset will have support for 8-core Bulldozer components and upcoming AM3+ processors. For the first time, it will also have support for NVIDIA® 3-way SLI™, enabling three single-GPU video cards to be put together for maximum performance. With the ROG Xpander daughterboard, available separately, the Crosshair V Formula will be the only AMD board to support 4-way SLI™.

Time-tested, award-winning features

The Crosshair V Formula and TUF 990FX also continue using the award-winning DIGI+ VRM technology and UEFI BIOS, exclusive to ASUS. DIGI+ VRM allows users to auto-overclock their CPUs and intelligently regulate power. UEFI BIOS is the premier BIOS solution – an easy-to-use mouse-controlled GUI that updates aging traditional BIOS to the modern era, with native support for hard drives over 2.2 TB.

Crosshair V Formula
For the performance PC user, the Crosshair V Formula is the perfect AMD motherboard. It is the first ROG AMD board to carry UEFI BIOS and Digi+ VRM technology, enabling powerful tweaking and simple overclocking. It also comes bundled with prosumer-recommended software such as Kaspersky Antivirus, Daemon Tools Standard Pro, and GameFirst software, giving you the power to protect your PC, protect your digital media, and prioritize your internet bandwidth in a fun, safe, and simple way. Technologically, the Crosshair V Formula is a marvel, but it has been built from the ground up to give your customers the ultimate gaming/performance experience, making it a can't-miss for any PC user that needs serious performance.

Trust in TUF for the latest in advanced cooling technology. Military-spec certified components and an active 10-sensor thermal radar ensures your system runs cool and quiet, while still putting out the blistering performance that comes hand-in-hand with the ASUS brand. With a TUF board, you never need to worry about fried components, or losing your investment. The TUF board is covered by a robust 5-year guarantee, and some of the strongest hardware around. For users that are worried about damaging their motherboard, the TUF 990FX puts those fears to rest.

Let your customers know that ASUS has the best motherboards carrying the AMD 9-series chipset. With an array of premium features and support for next-generation technology, ASUS motherboards are the best value for any customer’s dollar.

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