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The Republic of Gamers ushers in the next level of overclocking on the revolutionary 28 nm architecture with the Matrix HD 7970 featuring AMD Radeon HD 7970. The Matrix HD 7970 pushes the limits of performance with enhanced power delivery and cooling for stability and efficiency while providing extensive hardware and software controls for the best overclocking experience.

Enhanced Power Delivery

Stable Power Delivery & Enhanced Overclocking Capabilities

Digi+VRM with 20-phase Super Alloy Power

ASUS exclusive power delivery design, DIGI+VRM, brings precise digital voltage delivery and adjustments for stable power delivery and enhanced overclocking capabilities. Along with 20-phase Super Alloy Power of specially formulated chokes, capacitors & MOSFETS, Super Alloy Power provides more stable and cooler operations compared to reference design. The 20-phase Super Alloy Power is carefully-engineered to deliver ample overclocking headroom for experimental performance tuning to push your graphics card to the limits.

ASUS Exclusive Cooling Solution

20% Cooler Temperatures &
6X Greater Airflow

DirectCU II Matrix Cooler

Exclusive ASUS thermal solution is designed to achieve 20% cooler temperature by utilizing all copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU so heat is removed more efficiently away from the GPU. Along with a massive heatsink and dual 100 mm sound-dampening fans to generate 6X greater airflow, ASUS DirectCU II solution keeps the GPU cool while keeping acoustics low whether in idle or at full load

Matrix Exclusive Turbo Fan Button

Button located directly on the GPU as a hardware override to instantly activates the dual 100 mm fans to 100% speed for instant heat removal when that extra cooling boost is needed when overclocking.

Accessible Hardware Level Tuning

Real-time Hardware Voltage Adjustments With Easier Access

VGA Hotwire

Rid risky soldering and variable resistors, with easy to access connection point on the graphics card for overvolting. VGA Hotwire is a quick direct connection point for GPU, VRAM, and PLL voltage on a hardware level to make adjustments and changes easier to access, connect, and change.


Located on the PCB are buttons for manual and real-time hardware voltage adjustments for instant changes of core voltages in 10 steps indicated by a bank of LEDs.

Instant Monitoring & Safe Point

Experience Worry-free Overclocking & Instant GPU
Load Levels

Matrix LED Load Indicator

Color-coded LED MATRIX indicator offers an instant, visual display of current GPU load level.

Safe Mode Button

Experience worry-free overclocking with Safe Mode. Instantly clear CMOS to return to stable video BIOS setting in one button press.

Exclusive ASUS Monitoring & Overclocking Software

The World's First Quad-focus Graphics Overclocking Tool With GPU & Memory Tuning

ROG Edition GPU Tweak

The Matrix HD 7970 offers the world's first quad-focus graphics overclocking tool with GPU and memory tuning, GPU loadline calibration and VRM frequency tuning- allowing for the most extensive control and adjustment parameter for maximum overclocking potential. With adjustment to loadline values it can prevent GPU burn-out for stable overclocking and prevent voltage drop for consistent performance.
GPU Tweak Menu

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